Welcome to Garimann´s website .
All works exhibited here have been created in the context of private projects or school assignments.

Level Prototype - Traffic Accident (final)

The entire scene is built from scratch in Unity. Built and colored with ProBuilder (primitive objects).
Exceptions: Characters,  Vehicles, Particle effects (optimized), Textures
Used application tools:  Post Processing, ProBuilder, ProGrid, TextMesh Pro

Skate Park (Session Mod) My current progress with Unreal Engine 4 

Project is still in progress!

Except of the character, vehicles and plants are all assets self made.

50% of the level are still prototypes. Textures and materials are not final.

Sry for the lags in the video and for my bad skate skills xD

 Rip the Ribs, an asymmetrie vr game with mixed perspectives (Alpha)

Trump Rider, a 3rd person pespective shooter (Beta)

Bombing Can, a one-screen multiplayer game (Prototype).

Insane in the Brain 3D, a open world, top-perspective game (Demo district).

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