Welcome to Garimann´s website .
All works exhibited here have been created in the context of private projects or school assignments.

Hello, Im Garian Lima Simoés

I was born in brasil, and grown up in Berlin, Germany. Even as a child, I always liked to design ingenious puzzle games on paper, which my brother and parents often had to test. With my first game console, I began to live out my passion in the digital world for the first time. So my friends had to test many levels for example in the Tony Hawk´s Pro Skater series and my own missions in e.g. Tenshu.

I haven't found a job that suits me for a long time. But one thing I always knew, I'm an art generalist and my strengths are most effective when it comes to creativity. Since my school-leaving certificate was unfortunately not good enough for design jobs, i became a carpenter in the hope of being able to design creative furniture. In my free time, I still enjoyed spending time on the pc and working on projects. I was the leader of a Day-Z Gaming Community and hosted successful events. As a result, I learned to create graphics and videos, as well writing game rules and concepts.

When I found out that an industry for my passion exist and that there is even training in my town, I did everything to get in. So i studied 3D Art & Game -Design in Berlin, Germany on 2019 and now i´m working as game & level designer. 

... made my passion into a profession.