Welcome to Garimann´s website .
All works exhibited here have been created in the context of private projects or school assignments.


Hello,Im Garian Lima Simoés,

How i got into Games:

As a child, I've been more involved in video games and it´s level editors than playing games itself. Creating and drawing characters, or shaping them from improvised materials was my daily business. So I guess I´m a creative head who found his fulfillment.

So, I started to design games like razor games on paper, digital tournaments or roleplay events in gaming communities. Often, till late night. Beyond that I continued to design graphics, slogans or game instructions.

I studded 3D Art & Game -Design in Berlin, Germany. I completed it in August 2019 and now i´m working as junior game & level designer. ... Making my passion into a profession. 

Although I'm an art generalist I think my skills are most effective in game and level design. That's why I really want to focus on that and love to work in a team, especially when I have the opportunity to expand my skills. 
I'm fascinated by new technologies which are always expanding the gaming universe and therefore also the possibilities of designing.

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