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All works exhibited here have been created in the context of private projects or school assignments.


Genre - Rip the Ribs is a local multiplayer wave shooter with one VR- and one PC-Player

Dev. History - This game is the product of my final exam of Game Design Studies (2018.12). I developed it in 2 weeks, with my classmates.

My responsibility on this project - Game Design, Level Design, Character Modeling - Texturing - Animation & Design, Environment "Model & texture", Light, Materials, Particle Effects, Video, Design documents. 2D Art,

Introduction - In a sea riddled with dead sailors, two ghost pirates have to defend their ship. Work together with a partner to sink enemy boats, manage resources and reach a safe harbor!

Setting - Rip the Ribs takes place on a sea which is haunted by dead sailors. Drowned pirates, reduced to bones or even ethereal forms, continue to search and fight for plunder. Even though sharing a common fate, there is animosity between skeletons and ghosts. There is just one trading port in which a fragile peace between the two fractions exists. That is, until the protagonists are caught cheating, and our game begins


Rip_the_Ribs [Alpha]
Requires: Two players & one VR-headset
RtR_Build.zip (131.01MB)
Rip_the_Ribs [Alpha]
Requires: Two players & one VR-headset
RtR_Build.zip (131.01MB)

Developed in cooperation with Celina WuschkoNico Prüß & Ramesh Bettge. 

  High Concept Dokument 1.0 [Preview]

Advent Calendar



Software is still in the early stages of development.

Further description is comming soon.

Developed in cooperation with Jojo-Studio

A one-week private project, in which I worked alongside the vocational training.

My responsibility on this project:  

Characters & hardsurface "modeling & texturing" 

Atention! - All characters and events in this game, even those based on real people, are entirely fictional. This game focuses on entertainment, and does not represent political opinion.

Genre - Single player third-person shooter with tower defense elements.

Dev. History - The Alpha-Version was the product of my intermediate exam of Game Design Studies (2018.06). I developed it in 2 weeks. With another 3 weeks and the support of Michael Hermann (programmer), I was able to finish the Beta-Version in my spare time.

My responsibility on this project - Everything except the programming :D

Introduction - On a golf cart, armed with a water pistol, the goal of the player is to prevent the arrival of invading sombreros. The sombreros slip through the holes of the border wall and walk to one of the four villages. On their way, the player should try to stop them by firing or running over. For each destruction, the player receives dollars credited to his account and is occasionally rewarded with PowerUps. It is important to survive as long as possible while keeping his account covered with dollars. Once a sombrero has reached a village, dollars are deducted from the player. If the account falls into the minus or the player loses all his health, the game is over: the president is destitute and his country is overrun.


Win 64 | Esc = Exit, M = Minimap
Trump Rider [Beta Version].zip (38.27MB)
Win 64 | Esc = Exit, M = Minimap
Trump Rider [Beta Version].zip (38.27MB)

Developed in cooperation with Jojo-Studio  

 Game Design Dokument 1.0 [Preview]

Genre - Single- and multiplayer skill-based game from a top-down perspective. Levels are exactly one screen wide. Playable on Last "Can" Standig and Domination mode.

Dev. History Bombing can is currently still a concept and not in development yet. gamedesign document is in an extended state. I created a few characters and the prototype of the level on 3D. Currently I'm looking for the support of a programmer to further develop this project.

My responsibility on this project - Curently everething :D

Story & Introduction - In Bombing Can you play a spray can riding a skateboard through urban areas trying to mark buildings, walls and moving vehicles. In a world, where personalized utensils just try to fulfill their purpose, they inevitably get in each other's way. Every spray can would like to paint the whole city with its colors until the end of the day. Thus, a competition was formed among the cans. However, this conflict is a thorn in side of police sirens because their purpose is that everything has its order. Likewise, everyone just want to do their job. In the city begins a wild fight for dominance.

Philosophy / Targed Audience - Bombing Can wants to bring back the feeling of the 80s/ 90s gaming up to today. With a modern overhaul that makes it attractive for a new generation and feeds actual desires. Bombing Can is appealing for old-school-game fans, sprayers and hip-hop scene, but also for people who are looking for the occasional distraction of everyday life without being tied up for long and looking for something different. Due to the nonviolence, this game is also suitable for children.

Bombing Can - Game Design Document 0.7 [Preview] 

Insane in the Brain

Introduction - You have just robbed a bank, unfortunately, something went wrong. Now the police from all over the city is looking for you. Bring the money to the agreed meeting point until it´s too late. So run, but go well! The roads are mostly blocked by police or controlled by gangs. So, keep your eyes open for allies, climb over rooftops, use transportation, discover hidden backstreets and other resources that will take you to your destination.

Genre & History - Insane in the Brain is originally a 2D labyrinth game on paper with teleport elements of a special kind. The player is told a story. Wherein it is necessary to solve his rustling, to recognize him previously unnoticed ways. Created in 2007 with 5 levels (districts).

In 2009 I remastered the game in a digital pixel art version with 1 level.

My responsibility of this project - Currently everything :D

Today, I have the desire to revise this game to an interactive version "Insane in the Brain 3D" on Berlin style. It should continue to remain an urban maze game where the player maintains his overview of the map, through the top down perspective. With moving dangers, dynamic evasive action and interactive mechanics, the contained concept should be refreshed.

First level preview:

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